Online Tool

PCT Analyzer – Legacy Methodology

The PCT Analyzer (based on Prosci’s legacy methodology) is designed to improve project outcomes, help you position change management as vital to overall success, plus offer insights to elevate your change management strategy moving forward. Use the tool to assess multiple projects throughout their lifecycles based on critical success factors.

Assess your project’s health holistically using this PCT Analyzer based on Prosci’s legacy methodology. Evaluate three critical success factors: project management, change management, and leadership/sponsorship. Built-in analysis and suggested next steps help you mitigate project weaknesses and drive more successful project outcomes.

Demonstrate to leadership, project teams and peers how change management contributes to project success in conjunction with the important success factors of leadership and project management. Continue running assessments throughout the project lifecycle to drive progress over time, and duplicate your success with other projects to keep your project portfolio on track.

Key features:

  • Assessment results include individual submissions, averages and score distributions
  • Data collection can be as wide or narrow as needed (to one team or multiple departments)
  • Flexible assessment requirements allow for anonymous submissions
  • Archive feature allows you to store and retrieve closed projects

This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal – a virtual platform where change professionals can access all of their online change management tools and resources.  

The Prosci Portal is an online platform where you can access cutting-edge, research-based tools and resources for managing the people side of change. Whether you are making the case for change management, applying change management on a project, measuring change management effectiveness, or building an organizational change capability, the Portal has the resources to support you every step of the way.