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Research Exposé: Top Contributors to Change Management Success

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Prosci's 20+ years of best practice research uncovers the top seven contributors to change management success. Identified by thousands of change management study participants and presented in this Research Exposé, these success factors can help you drive change adoption and achieve desired project outcomes.

This Research Exposé reveals the top seven contributors to project success, as identified by thousands of change management study participants in more than 20 years of Prosci's best practice research. With this powerful information you can leverage their hindsight as foresight in your change management work to drive adoption and usage to achieve results and outcomes.

This comprehensive exposé presents the seven top contributing factors to change management success as identified in Prosci’s 2018 Best Practices Report:

  • Sponsorship
  • Approach
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Employee engagement
  • Integration with project management
  • Middle management engagement

In addition to the raw findings, the exposé offers valuable editor commentary and direction for making the research actionable. We present the seven contributors in a framework that makes them easily applicable to your work. With this framework, you will gain a solid understanding of what it takes to drive successful change across projects in your organization. Uncover additional findings and learnings that help draw the connection between your own change management work and the research, so you can begin applying it immediately.

Achieve greater benefit realization and ROI by driving employee adoption and usage with an understanding and application of the seven contributors to success.