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Portal Bundle – CM Deployment

Gain full access to the advanced change management tools and resources you need to successfully deploy change management. Whether you’re applying change management on a project, measuring change management effectiveness, or making the case for change management, this Portal Bundle supports your change management work at every phase of the change process. Please note: this bundle does not include the tools received in a Prosci Certification Program.

Who is this for?

The Portal Bundle – CM Deployment is ideal for those responsible for leading and applying change management to projects, especially:

  • Change leaders
  • Change management practitioners
  • Change Management Office (CMO) staff
  • Project managers
  • Process improvement professionals
  • Change management consultants

These advanced tools and resources enable you to:

  • Shape your change management approach with 20+ years of best practices research
  • Audit your change management work against industry best practices
  • Track and achieve employee adoption and usage on each initiative
  • Baseline your organization’s change management agility with Prosci’s robust Change Management Maturity Model
  • Gain commitment and buy-in for change management with important metrics


A 12-month subscription to the Portal Bundle – CM Deployment is $2,000 USD per person. This unlimited access provides $4,000 USD in value at your fingertips to expand your practice and deliver results on your projects and to your organization. For unlimited access for your entire organization, please contact Prosci at for pricing. 

The Portal Bundle – CM Deployment subscription includes the following tools and resources. During your subscription, we may produce updates to your tools and resources, and if so, these will be automatically turned on and ready for your use.

Cloud-Based Tools

ADKAR Dashboard

Easily track and achieve employee adoption and usage by gaining access to real quantifiable ADKAR® data on how impacted groups are progressing through your change.

CMROI Calculator

Refocus your conversations about change management by using this tool to demonstrate the tangible return change management brings to your projects.

Research Hub

Gain the experience of thousands of change leaders at your fingertips, with digital access to Best Practices in Change Management – 11th Edition, plus Applications of ADKAR.

eBest Practices Audit

Position your project for success by assessing your alignment with best practices, determining risks, and creating targeted next steps.

ECM Roadmap

Access step-by-step guidance to design and execute an enterprise change management plan to build change management maturity in your organization.

Maturity Model Audit

Increase your organization’s change maturity level by assessing your current level of maturity and developing plans for increasing maturity and your organization’s change readiness.

PCT Analyzer

Quickly diagnose and track overall project health, and position change management as an essential pillar of project success, powered by the Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model.



Enhance your knowledge of the Prosci ADKAR Model, the structured, powerful framework that helps guide individuals through change while addressing any roadblocks along the way.

Business Case for Change Management Template

Save time and gain buy-in (internally with decision-makers or externally with clients) with a prepopulated structure and guidance for writing your business case for change management.

Change Scorecard

Create a definition of successful change—shared by the project team—to identify, track and achieve projected results and outcomes.