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Change Management Blueprint

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Introduce change management to senior leaders and project leaders with this simple yet powerful tool. The Change Management Blueprint serves as a discussion guide and empowers you to present and discuss change management within the context of benefit realization.

One of the primary challenges for engaging senior leaders and project leaders in change management is showing them the value of change management in their terms. The Change Management Blueprint provides a simple and robust framework to convey the value contribution of change management. 

The Prosci Change Management Blueprint is a one-page worksheet. It will allow you to have meaningful conversations with senior leaders and project leaders. Its hard-hitting components will open their eyes to just how critical managing the people side of change is to the project’s overall success. The structure of the Prosci Change Management Blueprint facilitates the process of identifying:

  • What you are trying to achieve from an initiative
  • Who has to do their jobs differently as a result
  • How much of the project’s benefits depend on adoption and usage

This simple yet powerful tool serves as a discussion guide and empowers you to present change management within the context of benefit realization.

What you get:

  • Change Management Blueprint
  • One-page Instruction Guide
  • Learning Guide explaining the framework

The package comes in an easy-to-download format. The Instruction Guide and Learning Guide are PDF documents, while the Change Management Blueprint comes in two formats for your convenience: a writable PDF and a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

This online tool is accessible via the Prosci Portal. The Prosci Portal is a virtual platform for change professionals. You can access all of your online change management tools in the Portal. 

The Prosci Portal is an online platform where you can access cutting-edge, research-based tools and resources for managing the people side of change. Whether you are making the case for change management, applying change management on a project, measuring change management effectiveness, or building an organizational change capability, the Portal has the resources to support you every step of the way.

What you’ll find in the Prosci Portal:

  • Online tools
  • Downloadable tools and templates
  • Webinar replays
  • Tutorial collections
  • Lots of free resources