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Change Management and Agile Report

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This digital research report provides best practices for the people side of implementing Agile methodology in organizations and adaptations for applying change management on Agile projects. The Change Management and Agile report includes insights and lessons learned from hundreds of change professionals managing change in Agile environments.

If you are applying change management on Agile projects, or if your organization is implementing Agile methodology, you will face unique people-side challenges. In the Change Management and Agile research study, Prosci surveyed hundreds of change professionals to reflect on their experiences with the people side of change and Agile projects. This 74-page report includes insights and lessons learned for the following topics:

  • Managing change in projects using an Agile development process, including the challenges and adaptations in these 10 change management practice areas:
    • Sponsorship
    • Structured change management approach
    • Resources
    • Integrating with project management
    • Employee engagement
    • Communications
    • Middle managers
    • Training
    • Resistance management
    • Reinforcement
  • Managing the transition to Agile including:
    • Structuring the transition to Agile
    • Stakeholder engagement in the move to Agile
    • Competencies required in the transition to Agile
    • Resistance to transitioning to Agile
    • Sustaining Agile

Use the data and insights in this report to develop your approach to managing change in Agile environments.

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